The Half Canned Cooks - A Cookbook by Doug Bell

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The recipe content, answers the often asked question. What do you do with this? Referring to the many products that cram the shelves of the deli's. food from every corner of the globe. Jerk chicken, all American meatloaf, Indonesian Satay, Spanish and Mexican Tapas, Whoopie Pies Jamaican Rum Cake. Recipes that excite, big in flavour, that put a smile on your face.

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Dr. Hotz Says The new book from Doug Bell and Rhoda Robertson. Like the first book, TWO COOKS AND A SUITCASE, the book, though essentially a cookbook, contains a story content. The story content is based around a strange but true theme, stories from the deli, from travels, food related stories plucked from 20 years as owners of one of Scotland's most unusual shops.

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