Professor Payne Indeass Sphincter Shrinker

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I'm sure you're all familiar with Professor Phardtpounder......well here's his associate Professor Payne Indeass with his Butt Blazin' Recipe #2 – Sphincter Shrinker!

Don't be fooled by the comic label and "snake oil" type claims, Professor Payne Indeass Sphincter Shrinker sauce is HOT! Did I mention that it tastes great too?

Professor Payne Indeass Sphincter Shrinker has fast become one of our best sellers at shows and also on-line. With a delectable Indian "curry" flavour and base of apple sauce it sounds a little weird but hey, who am I to talk?! I think everyone should have a bottle of Professor Payne Indeas's Sphincter Shrinker in their life!

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says Professor Payne Indeass Sphincter Shrinker is the Butt Blazin' Recipe #2 from Professor Payne Indeass whom is an associate of Professor Phardtpounder, whom I'm sure you're familiar with?
Ingredients <strong>Professor Payne Indeass Sphincter Shrinker</strong> contains: Apple Sauce, white vinegar, water, balsamic vinegar, raisins, chile extract, spices, salt, xanthan gum

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