Cajohn's Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Puree 2oz

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It's hard to find the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli in commercial quantities so availability is extremely limited. We ordered loads and Cajohns rationed us to just 20 cases (which was pretty generous of them as they don't even wholesale it in the US!). 1.4 million S.U.'s of pure Trinidad Scorpion Heat. Most Scorpion sauces that we know of have about 10-20% chiles and tons of habaneros in them. Now you can taste the unadulterated flavour of the Trinidad Scorpion - 80% content with just 20% vinegar. THIS IS THE HOTTEST ALL NATURAL PRODUCT I HAVE EVER TASTED!!

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says Extremely Limited availability! Early Harvest - Fresh Trinidad Scorpion Puree from Cajohn. BUY NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Ingredients Trinidad Scorpion chillies, vinegar.

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