Hot-Headz! Kickin' Chicken Wing Sauce & Marinade - Hot Smoky Chipotle

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Hot Smoky Chipotle Hot-Headz! Kickin' Chicken Wing Sauce & Marinade is an absolute MUST TRY for any serious wing sauce lover. We've taken our AMAZING Hot-Headz! Smoked Chilli & Garlic Hot Sauce and carefully blended it down to a thinner texture for stocking to chicken wings. Amazingly addictive, you'll be fighting over the last wing on the plate! Full instructions on the bottle - for extra special Rock 'n' Roll Wings add a dash of Bourbon to the sauce. It kicks ass!!!

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says It's Back! Your beloved wings can now taste as good as they should! NEW IMPROVED RECIPE 2022 with deep smoke flavour and Cherry wood smoke. UNBEATABLE as a BBQ or Grill Sauce as well as amazing on wings.
Ingredients Water, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, chipotle chili pepper, salt, cherrywood smoke flavouring, roasted garlic, distilled vinegar, chili powder, spices, herbs, natural thickener: xanthan gum E415, garlic extract.
Bottle Size 354ml

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