Hot-Headz! Who Dares Burns! EXTREME PREJUDICE!

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OK - so you've asked for a sauce hotter than Who Dares Burns! 2nd Assault....the challenge has been accepted. We have no alternative other than to treat all such with Extreme Prejudice! This sauce hits hard and fast and refuses to let go! Destroying people these past few months at Chilli shows all over the UK, it's now available on-line. 66ml bottle of pure, unadulterated pain! NEW BATCH NOW RATED AT OVER 1.2 MILLION SHU's!!!

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says I'm often asked what the hottest product we sell is. Well this is it! At shows all over the UK this year we were told by many hard core Hot-Headz! that, having tried every product at these shows, Extreme Prejudice was the Hottest! In October 2015 we've just upgraded the recipe so it's EVEN HOTTER!
Ingredients Fresh scotch bonnets, Trinidad Scorpion mash, chipotle flakes, naga bhut jolokia flakes, mango pulp, garlic, onion, vinegar, water, salt, liquid smoke, 6.4 MSU chilli extract.

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