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Undoubtedly the most widely used chile in Indian and Indo-Chinese cookery, the Cayenne derived it's name from the Tupi Indians of the Cayenne district of French Guiana. Sharp heat for good all round use and better flavour than it's contemporary the tabasco chilli, this sauce is the perfect accompaniment for most foods that need pepping up.

Ideal for adding spice to most dishes where subtle heat is required to enhance flavours e.g. pies, spaghetti bolognaise, tacos, burritos, stir fry etc.

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says A typical aged red cayenne pepper Louisiana style sauce. Thin and pourable with a vinegar finish - just how it should be.
Ingredients Water, aged red cayenne chile peppers (18%), salt, acetic acid E260 (natural acidity regulator), xanthan gum E415 (natural thickener), garlic, onion.
Bottle Size 148ml

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