Dave's Insanity Ghost Pepper Limited Edition 2009

Brand: Dave's Gourmet

Product Code: DIS-20

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Price: £36.95

Every year Dave makes a super strength batch of his famous sauce, numbers it, hand signs it and then packs it in a wooden coffin with police caution tape around it!!

The year of 2009 was the Naga Jolokia 'Ghost Pepper' he used.


Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says Highly collectable and always sells out each year. Each year we formulate a special sauce with three times the heat of Insanity Sauce. It's hand signed by Dave, numbered, vintage dated and laid to rest in a wooden coffin wrapped in caution tape.
Ingredients Chilli peppers (Habanero, Naga Jolokia and Tabasco), Chilli pepper extract, salt, cane vinegar, passionfruit juice, sugar, acetic acid, lime juice, garlic, onion.

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