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About Us

A message from Dr. Hotz!

Welcome to the world of Hot-Headz! - The First, The Biggest and The Best website for the chili fanatic. We hold the largest stocks of the widest range of speciality hot sauces in the UK.

Fiery Food Pioneers
Fourteen years ago we started our mail order catalogue with a handful of the best selling American hot sauces we could find. Dave's Insanity Sauce, Blair's After Death, Endorphin Rush, Ass Kickin', Iguana, Crazy Cajun and Mad Dog Inferno to name but a few.

Thanks to our customers enthusiastic response we have grown to a fully fledged web business with products being imported from all over the world!

Quest For Fire!
Now you can buy not only the best from the US but rarities from Mexico, Columbia, South Africa, the Caribbean and every corner of the globe.

Our range has grown to over literally hundreds of items including hot sauces, salsas, mustards, mayonnaise, jams, dry spices, crisps, books, posters, T-shirts and everything for the hot food fanatic. So whether you like the fresh, grassy taste of the jalapeno, the smoky, nutty flavour of the chipotle, the blisteringly hot and fruity flavour of the habanero or the insane burn from the Naga - we have the hots for you! From Mild to Wild, Bajun to Cajun, Texan to Mexican, Barbeque and more - it's all here. We'll take you on a roller coaster ride for the senses!

For all the best in chili pepper products and fiery foods - you've come to the right place!

Over the years we have been featured in:

  • FHM Magazine
  • GQ Magazine
  • Financial Times
  • Daily Mail Newspaper
  • The Independent Newspaper
  • The Observer
  • The Sun
  • The Star
  • Feng Shui Magazine
  • The Mirror
  • Good Food Magazine
  • Decanter Magazine
  • Food Illustrated Magazine
  • Most Saturday & Sunday Colour supplements


  • Virgin Radio
  • Severn Sound
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Kent and more
  • Central Television
  • HTV West Television

A Word Of Warning! 
Macho Men, Curryholics, Stag Parties, Initiations, Dares, Show-offs, Jilted Lovers! The habanero pepper is 100 times hotter than the jalapeno pepper. The Naga is sometimes nearly three times as hot again! Use with caution if you are not used to this type of heat. My Super Hot & "Untouchable" products are even hotter so please be careful if you are trying to stitch up a macho friend, attending a stag party or using them as part of an initiation ceremony (I've heard far worse stories, believe me!).

Have a Hot Day!

Dr. Hotz!

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