World's Hottest Ramen Noodles Challenge!

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The World’s Hottest Ramen Noodles!
Brought to you by our chilli-mad-mates from New Zealand; Culley’s!
A fusion of Culley’s signature flavour-full taste with the world’s 
hottest Carolina reaper as a ramen soup – just breathe it in and it’ll
make your eyes water!
Too hot to handle??? Only one way to find out...
Go on, get stuck in!
We understand that pre-sales worldwide have been huge so there is limited stock available.
Buy now!!
Product Specifications
Ingredients To follow on product launch
Bottle Size Noodles - (wheat flour, water, egg powder, salt, stabiliser 501), turmeric. Ramen - Smokin Ed's Carolina Reaper chilli (New Zealand grown), miso paste, water, soy sauce (gluten free), Worcestershire sauce (glute and seafood free), brown rice syrup, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, 5 spice. Vegetable Mix - Red bell pepper (capsicum), dried carrot, freeze dried sweet corn, celery root, onion flakes, dried garlic, dried tomato.

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