Who Dares Burns Firepower Pack!

Brand: Hot-Headz!

Product Code: HH-136

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Who Dares Burns! Firepower Pack is Back!

Our ever popular WDB Crushed Naga Sauce starts the full frontal assualt on your tastebuds with deep flavour and fresh, fresh heat.

Next comes the smoke screen of the much loved WDB Chipotle Naga.

Finally the sledgehammer blow of the Reaper Chipotle finishes the job with its legendary intense burn accompanied by the smoky edge of chipotle.

Only for the elite!

Product Specifications
Ingredients 1 x Who Dares Burns Crushed Naga Hot Sauce 1 x Who Dares Burns Naga Chipotle Hot Sauce 1 x Who Dares Burns Reaper Chipotle Hot Sauce
Bottle Size 3 x 148ml

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