Voodoo Bacon Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Brand: Voodoo Chile Sauces

Product Code: Voodoo Bacon

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Price: £17.99

A bacon lover's dream!

One each of the world famous Voodoo Chile Co. Bacon flavoured hot sauces in a gift box at a discounted price.  Give the gift of Bacon!

1 x Porcus Infernum Hot Sauce (World's best bacon hot sauce!).

1 x Bacon Taco (Great on everthing from eggs to veggies, most meats, soups, stews as well as tacos and burritos).

1 x Bacon X (Amazing flavour of Porcus but with an added kick of heat!).

Product Specifications
Ingredients 1 x Porcus Infernum 148ml 1 x Bacon Taco 148ml 1 x Bacon X 148ml

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