The Joker "Honour The Fire" Hot Sauce from Jaz Coleman - 3 Pack

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Now you can buy 3 bottles of the New, Improved Joker Hot Sauce and save!  One to eat, one to keep and one for a friend! (or 2 to eat if you're Billy no mates!)

Front man of the legendary band Killing Joke and award winning classical composer Jaz Coleman invites you to Honour The Fire with his Special reserve chilli sauce.

A complex and moreish condiment inspired by Jaz's own recipe, this Joker really is wild!

This unique Special reserve hot sauce has been crafted to deliver sweet notes of pomegranate and fennel with the devlish, creeping heat of the legendary Ghost Pepper that is sure to delight the true chilli connoisseur.

An updated version of Jaz's original release that sold out in no time this sauce is a must have for hot sauce fans and Killing Joke fans alike.

Product Specifications
Ingredients Cayenne chilli, Habanero chilli, vinegar, onion, pomegranate juice, garlic, fennel seeds, Naga (Ghost Pepper) chilli, molasses, black pepper, paprika, pomegranate molasses, salt, garlic powder, Vegetarian fish sauce.
Bottle Size 3 x 140g

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