Puckerbutt Pepper Company Gator Squeezin's Hot Sauce with Pepper X

Brand: Pucker Butt Pepper Company

Product Code: PB-20

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This sauce is completely different from anything you have ever tried.

The mystery pepper and blend of signature PuckerButt spices.

This sauce will be savory at first and the heat will build up over time. The perfect green sauce for those who can handle the heat.

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says Another UK exclusive to Hot-Headz! The only hot sauce we know that's currently available with the mystery Pepper X. This has a unique flavour and a very long slow build up on the burn....that seems to go on and on! Trust me - I'm a Doctor!
Ingredients Pepper X chilli mash (chilli peppers, vinegar), yellow superhot chilli mash (chilli peppers, vinegar), distilled vinegar, chilli powder.
Bottle Size 148ml

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