Mikey V's Sweet Ghost Pepper Sauce

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Mikey V's Sweet Ghost Pepper Sauce is sure to heat up those taste buds!

Using the same base ingredients as Mikey V's Zing, they add the finest quality, USA grown 100% Bhut Jolokia (naga/Ghost) chillies for an absolute winner of a sauce.

Pairings: over softened cream cheese as an appetizer; ribs; chicken; burgers; tacos; seafood; pork; wings; oriental food.
Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says Highly recommended! Now I'm not normally a fan of sweet chilli sauces. In fact I usually run a mile! Just don't like the sweet, sugary gloopiness of them......BUT this sauce really is something else! I smashed through a bottle in no time, putting it on and in everything and then realised I'd have to wait until our shipment turned up before I could experience that beautiful sweet ghost goodness again.
Ingredients Distilled Water, Sugar, White Vinegar, Red Fresno Peppers, Fresh Garlic, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Ghost Pepper Powder
Bottle Size 148ml

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