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Year of the Dog Thai chile pineapple hot sauce may well be Lucky Dog's best sauce to date, and is featured on Season 9 of the YouTube sensation Hot Ones!

Pronounced pineapple overtones blend seamlessly with the sublime flavour of red Thai chiles in a surprisingly savory fruit-based hot sauce.  

Never one to shy away from complex flavour profiles, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce's Year of the Dog attempts to redefine what a pineapple hot sauce can be.

Rather than muddle the flavours with competing tropical fruit notes, Year of the Dog singularly features the delicious pineapple, while avoiding the trap of being a "hot pineapple sauce" by using a spectacular balance of sweet & savoury notes that emerge or are muted depending on application.    

Deeply layered flavours of toasted onion, roasted garlic, toasted sesame, Aleppo peppers, honey, lime, and hints of Chinese mustard & ginger with subtle rice vinegar blend perfectly to create an amazingly adaptable and uniquely balanced hot sauce that excels in flavor and versatility.  

Rarely is a pineapple hot sauce particularly hot, savoury or versatile. Year of the Dog combines all 3 characteristics to expand the boundaries of what you've come to expect from a pineapple hot sauce, with the bold & satisfying flavors that remain a hallmark of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce.

Pairing suggestions:  Year of the Dog works with virtually anything, and equally compliments Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, beef, chicken, fish or pork - try it in Pho, or on pizza; use liberally with spring rolls or BBQ shrimp. Surprisingly good on Mexican foods like carnitas or carne asada or a classically American bacon cheeseburger.

Product Specifications
Ingredients Pineapple, rice vinegar, onion, roasted garlic, honey, dried red chilies, toasted onion, sea salt, agave, lime juice, ginger, dried garlic, MUSTARD flour, toasted sesame seeds. ALLERGENS: IN CAPITALS
Bottle Size 148ml

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