Karma Carnival Superhot Yellow Chilli Hot Sauce

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An extra hot party with Scotch bonnet and friends!

This delicious sauce will get you dancing in the streets. Our homegrown yellow peppers light you up. lime juice and tropical herbs & spices keep you swaying. Turn any meal into a celebration with just a few drops.

  • 2020 Fiery Food Challenge Winner - Latin Style Hot Sauce

Made with the follwoing yellow chilli peppers: Scotch Bonnet, Fatalii and Moruga Scorpion], with fresh lime juice,garlic, green mango, thyme & ginger


Product Specifications
Ingredients yellow chile peppers [scotch bonnet, fatalii and yellow moruga scorpion], apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, fresh lime juice, salt, garlic, green mango, thyme, ginger.
Bottle Size 148ml

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