Hellfire Zombie Snot Hot Sauce

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Hellfire Hot Sauce Zombie Snot is the answer to chilehead salsa verde green sauce. This insanely fresh and tasty sauce is amped up using green superhots including the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, and Bhut Jolokia rounded out with the delicious flavor of the Jalapeño and Serrano peppers. Roasted garlic, Granny Smith Apples, tomatillos, cilantro, scallions, and lime juice!

Considered one of their milder sauces, this still packs a punch!  Not just another boring green sauce!

Enjoy the amazing fresh flavor of this sauce on virtually anything! Great for soups, tacos and pork!!!

Product Specifications
Ingredients Jalapeño Pepper Blend, (Jalapeño, Hot Cherry, Cayenne, Jolokia, 7 Pot, Moruga Scorpion, Carolina Reaper ), tomatillos, granny smith apples, distilled vinegar, roasted garlic, scallions, Serrano Blend, salt, lime juice & cumin.
Bottle Size 148 ml

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