Hellboy Extreme Hot Sauce

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Officially Licensed Hellboy 2019 Movie Hot Sauce!

"EXTREME" - Mess with the Devil and you will get the horns!

This sauce will wake up the Demons inside you

This is the HOTTEST non-extract sauce in the world!

Contains 85% straight up pepper mash!  Extremely Hot!  Use with caution and Enjoy! 

Product Specifications
Ingredients Carolina Reaper peppers mash (reaper peppers, salt, vinegar), trinidad scorpion pepper mash (trinidad scorpion peppers, salt), apple cider vinegar, jolokia pepper mash (bhut jolokia peppers, salt), red 7 pot primo pepper mash (red 7 pot primo peppers, vinegar) sun dried tomatoes, garlic, cumin
Bottle Size 148ml

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