El Peruano Native Peruvian Chilli Sauce

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Paqu Jaya premium El Peruano hot sauce is a delicious blend of native chilies, enhanced with fresh fruit, garlic and delicately sweetened with Amazonian honey.

El Peruano is a seriously versatile sauce, super tasty with barbecue chicken, burgers, fish, stir fries and veggie combos…our chili sauce is also known to enhance, noodles, pizzas, risotto, salads and ceviche.

Unlike many, this sauce is NOT designed to blow your head off, or to overwhelm your palate. It should elevate, excite and ultimately enhance any meal from a simple pleasure to a rare gastronomic feast! Paqu Jaya can be found on restaurant tables throughout Peru and we are proud to be featured in some of the country’s very finest kitchens.

The ingredients of our gourmet Paqu Jaya "El Peruano" are Amarillo chilies, Panka chilies, mangoes, honey, garlic, pepper, and salt - please see label picture.

No refined sugars or sweeteners, Gluten free, Vegan friendly, Fat free, We use only fresh chilies and fruit, never adding water, gums or sugar.

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says So happy to see this finally in stock! We sampled the sauce from it's very beginning and enjoyed being a very small part of it's development. Highly recommended and in a squeezy bottle for ease of use.
Ingredients Amarillo chilies, Panka chilies, mangoes, honey, garlic, pepper, salt, acetic acid, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate (for freshness)

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