Chilli Alchemist The Smoke Potion

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Mild - Real Mexican chipotle chillies used to create a twist on the well loved smoky BBQ sauce.

Born through the by-product of The Alchemist’s fire, this potion provides depth, flavour, smoke and fire. We use genuine Mexican Chipotle chillies & other spices that make this a great alternative to commercial BBQ sauces. Use on the charred flesh of your favourite beast or enjoy as an add-in sauce or dip.

The apothecary edition sauce comes with a cork top & hand waxed bottle along with a tag burnt by the Alchemist's flame. 

Product Specifications
Ingredients Ketchup, Soy Sauce (contains WHEAT & SOYA), Brown Sugar, Red Onions, Garlic, Liquid Smoke, 72 hour smoked Chipotle, Water, Spices
Bottle Size 200ml

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