Chilli Alchemist The Everlasting Flame Red Habanero Hot Sauce

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Very hot - 70% fresh red habanero with a kick of 6,400,000 SHU ghost pepper extract. 

Named due to its relentless heat, this sauce is for those that crave the exquisite fire & flavour of the red habanero chilli. Packed full of the citrus & perfumed flavour of the habanero, the addition of a pure chilli (ghost pepper) extract measuring over 6,400,000 SHU extends & intensifies the paradoxical blend of pleasure & pain. 

This edition comes in a hand finished apothecary bottle that is cork & wax sealed. Each bottle tag is individually made using the Alchemist's flame. All apothecary edition bottles come in a black presentation box.

CAUTION: Extreme heat awaits the consumer of this potion.

Product Specifications
Ingredients Red Habanero Chillies, BARLEY Malt Vinegar, Carrot, Onion, Garlic, Lime Juice, Oleoresin (6.4 Million chilli extract), Salt Allergens in BOLD
Bottle Size 200ml

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