Chef Bernie's Banana Ketchup

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Sweet - Spicy - Savoury
Bringing a fruity twist to your day.

Packed with Banana's with a tang from the freshly squeezed lemons a little heat from ginger, and a hint of Caribbean spices this favourite matches brilliantly
with sweet and savoury foods, use as a condiment with meats, coconut prawns, fried foods and rice dishes, a marinade with white fish, stir into curries, poor onto pancakes and vanilla ice cream.
When you have finished cooking a curry, stir in two tablespoons of banana ketchup or pop a dollop on the rice and dip in. 
✔ No added thickeners
✔Gluten free 
Product Specifications
Ingredients Banana's (min 67%) White Wine Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mineral Water, Demerara Sugar, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Ground Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Ground Cloves.
Bottle Size 250g

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