Cajohn's Trouble Bubble 16 Million Scoville Unit Bubble Gum Challenge!

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Can you chew a piece of CaJohn's Trouble Bubble Bubble Gum long enough to blow a single bubble?

This is not for wimpy people, elderly, children, pets, or people with heart conditions and excessive sweating problems. 

Challenge instructions: Try to blow the biggest bubble that you can without spitting anything out... spitters are quitters!  Consume at your own risk and handle with extreme caution!

With over 16 Million Scoville Units in your mouth, how much trouble will you have blowing that bubble!?

Each pack contains one piece of gum.

Order now to be one of the first to take on the challenge!  Limited stock available!

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says Remember - Spitters are Quitters!
Ingredients Sugar, corn syrup (glucose), gum base, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours, artificial colours (FD&C Red #3), corn starch, BHT (to retain freshness), 16 Million SHU pepper extract, natural flavours.
Bottle Size 5g

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