Born To Hula Reaper Of Sorrow

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Like a raging cauldron of molten fury, this sriracha style sauce is made with red jalapenos, red wine vinegar, tomato, garlic, onion along with Ed Curries Guinness Book of World Record winning Carolina Reaper Pepper, the hottest pepper on Earth! The Reaper of Sorrow awaits....

2014 2nd Place Reaper "The Hot Pepper Awards"

2014 Awarded Best Product of the Year
"Zin the Phoenix"

2014 Awarded Best Product of the Year & Best Burn Scott Roberts ""

2014 Awarded Product of the Year ""

2015 3rd Place Ultra Hot "Fiery Food Challenge"

2015 1st Place Specialty Category
"Chile Pepper Awards"

2015 Awarded Seal Of Approval ""

2016 3rd Place X Hot "Fiery Food Challenge"

Suggestions on: All Asian cuisine, soups and

Product Specifications
Ingredients Red Jalapeos, red wine vinegar, tomato, Carolina Reaper Peppers, lemon, garlic & onion.
Bottle Size 148ml

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