Black Mamba Chipotle Pepper Sauce

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Black Mamba Chipotle Hot Sauce is made with homemade chipotles (slow-smoked organic red jalapenos).

Tthis is a Chilli Venom like you've never tasted before. The perfect balance between smoky and spicy. Scrumptious with any Mexican-inspired dish. Great on top of eggs, pizza and grilled meat.

  • Sustainably Farmed
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Supporting Women
  • Hand Crafted in Eswatini with no added nonsense!

Large 180ml bottle for extra value!

Product Specifications
Ingredients Water, vinegar, onions, chipotle chillies, garlic, sugar, salt, black pepper, spices, xanthan gum (natural stabiliser).
Bottle Size 180ml

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