Black Mamba Habanero Chilli Sauce

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Africa meets the Caribbean with this Chilli Venom made of organic habanero chillies and fresh herbs. It will charm you with flavour before striking you suddenly with a deadly bite. Add on anything that needs a serious dose of heat and flavour.

Beautiful vibrant yellow habanero chilli sauce with a superb blend of herbs and spices for an extra dimension of flavour.....and that familiar habanero heat!

  • Sustainably Farmed
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Supporting Women
  • Hand Crafted in Eswatini with no added nonsense!

Large 180ml bottle for extra value!

Product Specifications
Ingredients Vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, habanero chillies (12%), onions, carrots, garlic, water, salt, herbs, spices, xanthan gum (natural stabiliser).
Bottle Size 180ml

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