Dave's Spicy 12 Mini Sauce Pack

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Grab a sampler of 12 great flavours of Dave's products. None of these are the super hots so you're perfectly safe. Makes a sampler or gift to introduce a friend to the world of speciality hot sauces.

Product Specifications
Dr. Hotz Says If you've ever wondered what the legendary Insanity Sauces were like but were to afraid to ask, here's your answer!
Ingredients 12x 21g bottle of the following: Dave's Rowdy Red Chile Hot Sauce Dave's Hysterical Habanero Hot Sauce Dave's Dave's Chilli 'n' Chipotle Hot Sauce Dave's Hurtin' Jalapeno Hot Sauce Dave's Cool Cayenne Pepper Sauce Dave's Jammin' Jerk Sauce & Marinade Dave's Ginger Peach Hot Sauce Dave's Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce Dave's Roasted Red Pepper Chipotle Hot Sauce Dave's Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce Dave's Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce

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