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Super Hot Chili Sauce

When I first started getting interested in hot sauces two things really struck me. First was the difference in flavour in each variety of chile pepper and secondly how freakin' hot some of them could be!

This is when I learned all about the ground-breaking, pioneering lunatics of the chili world, most of whom are now personal friends of mine - like attracts like... right?!

If you are looking for hotter than the Super Hot then you should check out our Untouchable Hot Sauces section....

Cajohn's Select Fatalii Puree
Hot Deal
These purees are wonderful for inclusion in your cluinary... more »
Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Hot Sauce
The latest must try creation from David Ashley at Mad... more »
Blair's Sudden Death in Coffin
Blair's best selling Death auce is now available in a... more »
Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce
The fatalii is a chile from Central South Africa,... more »
Liquid Stoopid Stoopifying Hot Sauce
The bottle claims "One drop will Stoopify Ya!" more »
Satan's Sweat Naga Chilli Sauce
The Naga Chilli is in the Guinness Book Of World Records... more »
Cajohn's Frostbite Hot Sauce
This sauce is so Cool it will burn Ya! The world's first... more »
Son Of Satan's Sweat Naga Chilli Sauce
A convenient sized 59ml bottle sized version so that you... more »
Chit Eat'n Grin Eat Chit 'N Die Habanero Inferno Hot Sauce
Product is out of stock
Check this chit out! From Chit's Chit Eat'N Grin Gormay... more »
Magma Hot Sauce
WARNING! An eruption of disatrous proportions. EXTREMELY... more »
Who Dares Burns! Hot Pepper Sauce
The UK's No.1 best selling Super Hot Sauce. We've sold... more »
Dave's Insanity Sauce
Dave's Insanity Sauce is for you if you're looking for an... more »
Blair's After Death Sauce
Ok, this is where we get serious. While bartending in the... more »
Mad Dog Inferno!
Last chance to buy the old style label which has been... more »
Mad Dog Liquid Fire Hot Sauce
Last chance to buy the old label version of an all time... more »
Endorphin Rush! Beyond Hot Sauce
First an explosion of flavour then a rush of heat! Comes... more »
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