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In the Press

That's it we're all over the press this year. Read what there saying about the UK's largest hot sauce supplier.


Title: Gob Infernoes for the Modern Man

Intro: For under a fiver, these top-drawer chilli sauces are perfect stocking fodder for men who need their dinner times spicing up a tad. It'll also help the consumption of milk and choclate during the festive period...*

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Closer magazine (online)

Title: Saucy saucy!

Intro: Is your man a bit of a hot head? Does he love his spice? Well, then blow his socks off with these sauces.

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The Manifest – a place where things get done.

Title: Too hot to handle? Chilli Sauce Tasting Tips!

Intro: We’ve all been there. A group of fine gentlemen sit down in the local mexican cantina or Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken establishment *i.e. the one that rhymes with mangos”.

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Title: Hot Headz Chilli Sauces

Intro: In the words of Clint Eastwood, "You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well do ya, punk?".

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All About you – Food Wisdom.

Title: New year, new tastes!

Intro: Broaden your culinary horizons in 2012 with these fab new food finds. By Emma Marsden.

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Title: Are you man enough to take on the Hot Headz?

Intro: The ladydeez sensibly wanted nothing to do with our taste test and retreated instead to a safe distance while we chaps bragged about our capacity.

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Jo Beaufoix - Just like Kate Moss but not!

Title: Hot-Headz, for the hot one in your life?

Intro: If you happen to have one of those other halves (and it’s generally the male versions) who likes to push him/herself to the limit when it comes to ‘hot’ food, then one or all of these fab Hot-Headz Sauces might be the perfect gift…

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Cook Sister - Life's delicious, take a big bite

Title: A hot chilli sauce tasting - 5 sauces compared

Intro: One of the things that has always fascinated me about the human senses is that you can never be entirely sure that you see, smell, hear, feel or taste anything precisely the same way as another person.

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meemalee - food and other fancies

Title: 2011 Christmas Gift Guide

Intro: Hot-Headz have a vast range of sauces in stock ranging from the mild to the ludicrous and prices are very reasonable

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Title: Don’t spend hours tracking down the gobblicious goods that any food lover would like to get for Christmas. We’ve got a whole lot of tasty treats right here

Intro: Blow your mind - Ideal for men out to prove their bravado, Hot Headz chilli sauces guarantee to add a kick to your Christmas experience.

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Nick Harman - Food writer

Title: Burn baby burn.Hot Headz chilli sauces on test

Intro: ‘Bloody hell!’, ‘Jesus Christ!; ‘Aaagh!’ are about the only printable comments we can make after trying the hot sauces we were sent by Hot-Headz the chili specialists.

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Little Family of 3

Title: Low cost Christmas gift guide

Intro: 'The First, The Biggest and The Best website for the chili fanatic. We hold the largest stocks of the widest range of speciality hot sauces in the UK'.

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Title: Hot-Headz Stocking Filler Hot Sauces

Intro: Stuck for what to put in a man’s Christmas stocking this year? – Well, this selection of unique connoisseur chilli sauces specially chosen by Hot-Headz!, stockists of the largest selection of all things chilli in the UK, solves the problem in one.

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Title: Hot-Headz - Given to Distraction

Intro: We've had a hotter than normal winter, no I am not referring to the mild weather, its the selection of chilli sauce sent to me by Hot-Headz!.

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