Dave's New Creamy Sauces - One Of Each!

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Dave's latest release!  These new creamy sauces are mildly spicy and incredibly versatile.

Mildly spicy and jam packed full of flavour, we've already used them over grilled vegetables and pasta - delicious.

Grab all three at a bargain price.

Dave's Creamy Ginger Citrus - Dave's Creamy Garlic Red Pepper - Dave's Creamy Roasted Jalapeno.

Don’t live with one dimensional hot sauces that only burn when you can enjoy these
amazing Creamy Hot Sauces that are rich, fresh, and zesty all in one delicious bite.
Try them on a chip and let the layers of moderate spiciness unfold and warm your
palate from front to back without shocking it. Our Creamy Hot Sauces are perfect
on everything from salads, sandwiches, burgers, eggs, grilled meats, and
vegetables or as a cooking sauce or dip.


Product Specifications
Ingredients 1 each of the 3 new Creamy Sauces from Dave's Gourmet.

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